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Headache Eradication Workshop at Day Chiropractic on August 23, 2011.  This 40 minute class can be downloaded in parts sequentially.  Start with video # 1.

     Video # 1

     Video # 2

     Video # 3

     Video # 4


 Headache synopsis 2010:

Step 1: Download and print off the handout prior to watching video ! & 2.


Step 2: Watch Video 1 and 2 - this is a 2 part series.

         Video # 1 (first half)

         Video # 2 (second half)

Step 3: Case study - a boy who had suffered from daily headaches for 4 years!

         Case study of a 13 year-old boy whose headaches resolved through chiropractic care

Prime CD

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Come by our office Dr. Day and his brothers LOVE playing bluegrass together, and we hope that you will enjoy the music on the inaugeral CD. Dr. David Day wrote 2 of the songs on this album, the first is the title track "I'm not Fat, I'm Prime" and the "Stillaguamish River Waltz" in honor of river that ran next to the town where he was raised.